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Prescribing Psychologist Serving New Mexico Patients


Medical Cannabis Cards

Helping you to help yourself is my mission

I provide assessment for individuals coping with trauma and substance use and dependence and seeking alternatives in addition to traditional medication approaches

Services may include assessment and assistance in securing a New Mexico cannabis card.

Assessment services

Attention deficit disorder in children teens and adults 

Depression Anxiety treatment may include brief therapy and psychiatric medication management 

Specialized services for PTSD Chronic Pain Opioid Use disorders

  • in addition to assessment and options for care we provide guidance in applications for medical cannabis as an adjunct to your recovery

Ready to move beyond

your medication 

Assistance in weaning from psychiatric medication dependence is a service we can perform either in conjunction with your physician or as a consultation service we are here to help.

Coming soon

  • coming in 2024
  • home based EEG biofeedback services 
  • alternative to stimulant medications for anxiety depression and PTSD
  • aid to insomnia and stress symptoms 
  • cost saving over office based treatments


Thank you for checking my website

Trained initially in crisis intervention services

I am committed to offering personalized treatment that is rapid and helpful. My clinical background includes work with children, military and addictions as well as chronic mood disorders.


Animal companion

we provide professional assessment for companion letters

Anxiety depression stress

many services are covered by NM Medicaid or Medicare

PTSD services

medication services, medical cannabis information and assessments 

Dr. Smith listens to my issues and genuinely cares, providing solutions that go above and beyond to make sure I have the necessary treatment. past patient feedback 

Peter Smith PsyD PC NM Prescribing Psychologist

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